What is AvaGuide video talking character?

With AvaGuide you will improve your customers' online experience and boost your sales. provides a wide choice of professionally recorded talking video characters that you can easily personalize and add to your site. They work 24/7 - no breaks! Test FREE today.


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Benefits for your company

AvaGuide will make your site more attractive and intuitive for its visitors. You will decrease your bounce rates as well as the number of email support queries and increase conversions - that means higher sales!


Business Enterprise

Auction Assistant, On-line Consultant, Sales Manager, Spokesman, HR Manager


Healthcare Manager, Attorney, Electrician, Hotel Manager, Religious Advisor new

Hobby & Lifestyle

Sportsman/Woman (various sports), Stylist, Travel Agent


Virtual Hostess, Casino Girl,
Party Girl / Boy

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We are proud to announce that the multimedia product "AvaGuide" has won the World Summit Award (WSA 09) with a sophisticated combination of top quality interactive video and text-to-speech technology that enables the creation of virtual characters able to hold customized conversations.